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John Owen – The Holiness That The Gospel Requires

A section from the Nature and Causes of Apostasy.  Very searching, very humbling. God be merciful to me, a sinner. ”

“This evangelical holiness will not allow of nor will consist with the constant, habitual omission of any one duty, or the satisfaction of any one lust of the mind or of the flesh. As we are, in all instances of duty, to be “perfecting holiness in the fear of God,” 2 Corinthians 7: 1, so “no provision is to be made for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof,” Romans 13: 14. This is that which loseth it so many friends in the world. Would it barter with the flesh, would it give and take allowances in any kind, or grant indulgence unto any one sin, multitudes would have a kindness for it which now bid it defiance. Every one would have an exemption for that sin which he likes best, and which is most suited to his inclinations and carnal interests.”

The Holiness That the Gospel Requires


Matthew Henry – How To Spend the Day With God – 1712

Chapter 2 of the book, Daily Communion With God.

Though it be a dark day, yet let us wait upon God all the day. Though, while we are kept waiting for what God will do, we are kept in the dark concerning what is doing, and what is best for us to do; yet let us be content to wait in the dark. Though we see not our signs, though there is none to tell us how long; yet let us resolve to wait, how long so ever it be; for though what God doth, we know not now, yet we shall know hereafter, when the mystery of God shall be finished.

How To Spend the Day With God

Matthew Henry – Method of Prayer – Confession and Contrition – 1710

Having ascribed glory to God, which is his due, Psalm 29:2 we must next take shame to ourselves, which is our due, and humble ourselves before him in the sense of our own sinfulness and vileness; and herein also we must give glory to him, Joshua 7:19 as our Judge, by whom we deserve to be condemned, and yet hope, through Christ, to be acquitted and absolved.

In this part of our work: We must acknowledge the great reason we have to lie very low before God and to be ashamed of ourselves when we come into his presence and to be afraid of his wrath, having made ourselves both odious to his holiness and obnoxious to his justice.

A Method For Prayer #2 Confession and Contrition

Joseph Charles Philpot – A Balm in Gilead – 1852

From the sermon, “Now there are but few, comparatively speaking, who have any clear sight or any deep feeling of what sin really is; and the reason, for the most part, is because they have such a slight, shallow, superficial knowledge of who and what God is. But let them once see the purity of God by the eye of faith, let them once have a manifestation of His justice and holiness, majesty and greatness to their soul, and let them, seeing light in His light, have a corresponding sight and sense of the deep and desperate state in which they are as fallen children of a fallen parent, then will they no longer have slight, superficial feelings of the nature and evil of sin, but will so see and feel its hideous and damnable character as to make them cry out with Isaiah in the temple, “Woe to me! I am ruined!

A Balm in Gilead

Pilgrim’s Progress Study – The House of the Interpreter – T M Sullivan

In this lesson, we continue to discuss the pilgrimmage of Christian as he meets Evangelist, goes to Wicket Gate, talks to Goodwill and then goes to the House of the Interpreter. Due to time constraints, we only deal more fully with two of the first 5 pictorial instructions, the dust, the swept floor and the maiden with a pitcher of water. (2) The wall with the fire, the casting of water on the one side of the fire, but it’s burning hotter. The last two pictures in the Interpreter’s House will be addressed, D V, next week.

Tom Sullivan – Pilgrim’s Progress – Evangelist and Interpreter’s House



Pilgrim’s Progress Sunday School, Lesson 1 The Awakening, Thomas Sullivan

This is the first of a number of Sunday School lessons taught at The Reformed Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, MI. This first lesson deals with the historical background, some biographical information. Then we transitioned to reading the first paragraphs of the book and commenting.

Pilgrim’s Progress – The Awakening

A Guide to Christ – Solomon Stoddard – 1643-1729

….When men see the badness of their own hearts, they are ready to be discouraged, but they are then in a more hopeful condition than before: If men be strangers to their own hearts, they will trust in themselves, and neglect Christ. God first discovers to them what they are, and then he discovers the excellency of Christ to them: men will never come to Christ, till they are convinced what corrupt, blind and dead creatures they are. And therefore the more God shews him of the badness of his heart, the more graciously he deals with him: The badness of the heart is matter of sorrow, but the sight of that badness is matter of encouragement; the more they see of that, the more hope there is of their being prepared for Christ.

A Guide to Christ



Jonathan Edwards – Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

Does this sermon need an introduction? I have narrated for 32 years, I have narrated this sermon many times. But I can assure you, this narration tonight never affected me so much. I poured my heart into it with the conviction that if I died tonight, I am glad to have ended on this note.

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God