T M Sullivan – Pilgrim’s Progress – Christian Meets Hopeful – Encounter with By Ends

In this study Christian meets his new life long companion Hopeful, and they immediately covenant together. Then they encounter By-Ends and his friends. The application is taken from the subject of pragmatism in church growth, a quote from Dr. Peter Masters – Worship in the Melting Pot. I establish to show that innovative forms of worship are rooted in the remaining enmity of the heart against God. I use Charles Bridges, The Christian Ministry, and John Owen’s Treatise on Indwelling Sin to establish this point.

Pilgrims Progress – Christian Meets Hopeful and Encounters By-Ends

T M Sullivan, Pilgrim’s Progress – Faithful’s Martyrdom in Vanity Fair

In this lesson, the story of the persecution in Vanity Fair is continued.  Judge Hate Good has Faithful put to death.  A discussion of martyrology and persecution historically where is mentioned the Scottish Covenanters in the “Killing Times,” 1660-1668 and the story of John Calas from Foxes’s Book of Martyrs, 1761 is mentioned.



Theatrical Amusements – Robert Turnbull – 1837

This narration is just the review of the above mentioned title. I found it in an old magazine called, The Christian Quarterly Spectator, for 1838. It is shocking because it predates the television by 110 years and years before any motion pictures. But its description of the desensitizing process and the testing of what visuals the public will accept is descriptive of what is going on in our own day, but with a fraction of the indecency! How the author would have been shocked of what our godless generation is pressing on us as normal.

Theatrical Amusements